Look into the personalized nutrition care and coaching I offer in Lufkin, TX

Love Your Body and Treat It Right

You should be able to reach your goals without restricting from foods you love. Skip the ridiculously restrictive fad diets that aren't sustainable. Let's get off the never-ending cycle of dieting & binging. Let's lose the 20 pounds that you have been losing & regaining for years- FOR GOOD!

Nutrition services include:

  • Macro tracking and meal prep services
  • One-on-one nutrition coaching
  • Macro nutrition coaching
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    Choose the right program for you

    Everyone's lifestyles, dieting history and medical history varies, so why should you follow a cookie cutter-type meal plan? You SHOULDN'T! Fit Nurse Nutrition offers 2 programs to help you meet your goals:

    • 1:1 coaching - personalized coaching -best option if you need the extra accountability and daily access to your coach between the weekly check-ins. Options for private coaching include: Nutrition coaching, or Nutrition coaching + Fitness training.
    • A self-guided online course called Macros Made EZ (MME). This is a 12 week, self-paced online program that is a great (and affordable) first step in educating yourself on proper nutrition.

    If you would like to know more about these coaching services, contact me today. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.